Richard Louis Bradley Sr.
Richard Louis Bradley Sr., born August 9, 1925, died quietly just before 6 am on the first of November, 2012. He is survived by daughters, Mary, Chris, Timber, and son, Rick; grandchildren, Teresa, Joe, Pete, Dave, Ember, Emily, Bradley, C.J.; great grandchildren, Roland, Bailey, Logan, Dade, Catrina, Lilly, and Mercy. His sisters, Judy, Mary Helen and Marty, and brother, Joe, all live in western Kansas.
He answered the call during World War II serving aboard the destroyer, U.S.S. Boyd, as a gunners mate, leaving the Navy to come home to run the farm for his father, Lou Bradley. Diesel said out of everything he ever imagined for his children he never thought he would trade ole’ swabbie stories with granddaughter Teresa, who served as a Navy gunners mate also on a destroyer in the Pacific Ocean.
In between farming for his dad, he also heled Ira Salmon and others. If he wasn’t working for them he was driving a bull truck, which led him to driving for the U.S. Mail and Building Products. Several million miles later he retired from Navajo and Digby Transport, no longer accepting classified government contracts. One of his favorite jobs was to take racing pigeons to their drop off point for release, generally beating him back to home base. Driving a big rig was a natural extension to the cowboy in him.
At one time Diesel worked for Massey Ferguson as a mechanic. He changed things for the company because his left hand brain figured out how to do things more efficiently. Massey Ferguson implemented many of his suggestions. He passed their mechanic training with 100% on all the tests.
Diesel also traveled the rodeo circuit team roping with friends, Budy, his cutting horse, and Denton Fisher and his horse.
Memorial service will be held at Graceland Cemetery in Meade on December 15th, 2012.